Thursday, 16 February 2017

Coming Up

14/2/17         Coming  Up by Keira

This includes:
  • Fiction
  • Intense Climax
  • Resolution
  • Paragraphing
  • Pictures that tell the story
  • Title-makes the reader curious
  • Lots of descriptive word/descriptive language

W.A.L.T: identify writing processes that are appropriate for that purpose     

Coming Up

Hi my name is Blake, I am a farmer and I am going to tell you about something HORRIBLE that happened to me.

It all started last summer when I had to go to work. I said bye to my wife and two children. I had always gone back and forth over the bridge with my rusty old truck carrying stacks of new golden hay but last summer I got a lot more than I usually get.

I should have left a little bit of the hay at the farm.

I have lots of friends at work and one used to be a doctor.

So I drove over the bridge to load the hay and while I was there I had a little chat with the farmer about how old the bridge was and how it was still up. I had to go because I was a bit late so I had to rush. I went the normal speed over the bridge but I stopped in the middle because I heard a crack. I  kept driving then THE BRIDGE BROKE! I was so scared I peed my pants. The front wheels were hanging off the bridge. I closed my eyes. And then we hit, we hit the bottom of the river. I choked on water and blacked out. I saw two kids, I was waving at the two kids. But I was floating, SUDDENLY I got pulled into the body the kids were dragging...    

I felt the grass and then coughed up water, I opened my eyes to see my friend (who used to be a doctor) covering the bright sun above me giving me mouth to mouth. I pushed him away because it was gross. I got put on a stretcher and sent to the hospital for a check up but they said I was fine. So I went home to see my family relieved because I thought I would never see them again.

That was the worst thing that happened to.
By Blake (Keira)